Thousands of Kids Around the Globe Discovered the Wonders of Coding During Computer Science Education Week at Code Ninjas

Suggestions on Gifts That Enable Kids to Grow Coding Skills While Having Fun!

Code Ninjas VP of Education, Grant Smith, shares a list of coding-related books and games that would be great to share with your kids this holiday season.

As the winter holidays grow nearer, many of our parent friends ask for advice on toys or gifts to get their children that aren’t just fun but could also be educational. The below suggestions are just a few of the tech and coding related toys that allow our kids to expand their problem solving and critical thinking skills but are so engaging that they won’t even realize they are learning!

Micro:Bit Kits (ages 8+)

The Micro:Bit Starter…

Code Ninjas Locations to Host Free Hour of Code & Holiday Hackathon Events

Join us as we celebrate Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) with free events to ignite every child’s curiosity, creativity, and capacity to code. Our centers across the globe are offering kids the opportunity to learn new skills and win awesome prizes! From December 7th to December 13th, participating Code Ninjas locations will be holding free events, such as Hour of Code™ — a worldwide movement that gives kids exposure to computer science — and a special “Holiday Hackathon” where kids get to flex their coding and creative…

Three Things to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Keeping Your Kids Safe

Code Ninjas VP of Education Grant Smith shares a few things that parents should keep in mind as their kids get more and more involved online.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which focuses on the need to protect our devices and data from potential online threats. In addition to following quick tips to safeguard your information, there are also many resources available to help keep you informed. One recommendation is to visit run by the National Cybersecurity Alliance to learn how to secure your…

Available Virtually and In-Person, Code Ninjas Badges Enables Kids to Explore Coding in New and Exciting Ways!

Coding isn’t just useful for when it comes to creating video games! Through Code Ninjas Badges, ninjas — the kids enrolled in our dojos — can now expand their learning adventure to experience an exciting new wave of coding and STEM topics, from 3D modeling to machine learning. Code Ninjas Badges are awards designed to inspire and motivate ninjas as they use their coding savvy to strive toward excellence in the dojo — and beyond!

Our badges are not only fun to unlock, but also fun to collect. Ninjas have the potential to earn a multitude of badges based off…

Code Ninjas VP of Education Shares Tips With Teachers for This Unprecedented School Year

Grant Smith, VP of Education for Code Ninjas and a former teacher himself, shares tips on how to make the most out of virtual instruction for the upcoming school year.

When approached with the need to teach virtually, many of us can see the differences in virtual and in-person teaching, but there are similarities in a lot of ways. As teachers, many of our skills are more transferable to virtual teaching than you may think. …

Plus Opportunity to Win One of 100 FREE Camps!

As the school year officially winds down and families are looking for fun and safe activities for kids this summer — Code Ninjas has you covered! Centers across the United States and Canada are offering coding camps that engage kids in STEM and robotics, while bringing problem-solving, teamwork and social skills into the mix. Whether you are looking for camps that kids can attend in-person (with enhanced safety measures in full effect) or virtually, there are tons of opportunities to learn and grow with Code Ninjas!

To give hardworking parents a much needed break, Code Ninjas is giving away 100…

Kids Are Virtually Guided Through the Process by Grant Smith, Code Ninjas VP of Education

Grant Smith, Code Ninjas VP of Education, coding with Scratch

During this time of at-home schooling, working, playing — at-home everything, really — our kids are glued to screens more often than not. If their schools are able, some of that time may consist of learning and interacting with peers or their teacher. Most of it, however, is likely used to watch shows, TikToks, or play games.

While having fun is important — especially during this time — Code Ninjas wants to challenge your kids to use their screen time creatively while trying their hand…

Being Stuck at Home Can Affect Your Kids Too — Even if They Don’t Realize it

Code Ninjas HQ spoke with local Licensed Professional Counselor Christine Foster to get advice on what’s best for our kids’ mental health during this time.

It’s important to remember that right now is a very uncertain time for our kids too. They don’t know when or if they are going back to school, they can’t go see their friends, and they keep hearing the word “COVID” being used constantly. While we definitely want to encourage kids to continue learning and being digitally creative during this time — we also want to make sure they are comfortable expressing themselves emotionally.


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